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The Record-Courier is the daily newspaper serving Portage County.  It is published by Record Publishing Co., which also publishes eight weekly newspapers and a shopper, all serving Summit and Portage Counites.  

The Record-Courier is published mornings seven days a week including Sunday.  It contains all the important local news for communities in Portage County.  It also provides local in depth coverage of local sports including 11 local school districts, Kent State University, Hiram College and Mount Union University.  It also contains complete Associated Press reports of state, national and international news.  Wedding, birthdays, and obituaries provide a detailed report of the people of Portage County and are some of the most avidly read content of the newspaper, which is delivered daily to the doorsteps of our subscribers and is available in digital form on our website at http://www.recordpub.com.












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